Native woman, Egyptian Muslim guy’s love story predicated on embracing each other’s cultures

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Spouse notices way for which she and husband are addressed differently within their tiny Sask. hometown

Osawa Kiniw Kayseas spent my youth in a normal Nahkawe-Anishnaabe method, by visiting ceremonies and learning just how to pray. She has started her day the same way: smudging her home and herself to protect her energy since she was young.

Now, the native girl from Fishing Lake First country in Saskatchewan has a fresh individual to incorporate: her Muslim spouse, Mohamed Hassan.

“He knows the training about cleaning your time and cleansing the air. He realizes that element of it,” Kayseas stated.

Their backgrounds are worlds aside — literally, as Hassan is from Ismailia, Egypt — nevertheless the manner in which they approach their everyday lives, informed by their vastly cultural that is different religious backgrounds, has ended up being refreshingly complementary for the two of these. And their love that is cross-cultural story been a training for the two of them too.