Exactly just What It is Like when you are A Man whom Sleeps With Men And Women

In 2017, bisexuality isn’t any longer dismissed as a ‘phase’. One author reflects on life playing both edges

It is among the earliest cliches within the book, that somehow having sex with a guy makes you less ‘manly’ much less appealing to ladies. But actually the exact opposite is oftentimes real, and culture is finally catching in.

I am a bisexual guy. I have had sex with males, ladies and long enduring relationships with both. Really, no preference is had by me. If I find some body entertaining or sexy I’ll do it now, we will work-out what’s happening in the sack once we make it. In my opinion sex that is having a girl is amazing and achieving intercourse with a guy is amazing for various reasons.

Yet many individuals genuinely believe that being bisexual and making love with guys will somehow place females down, as if your masculinity is somehow defined by the sex of those you date.