ISIS fighters flee from Syria prison amid Turkey bombing as chilling vid purports to show jihadi brides wanting to getting away from notorious camp

Five ISIS terrorists fled from a jail in Qamishli, northern Syria, on Friday following a shell landed within the courtyard associated with the prison, officials state.

Chilling footage taken in the exact same day purports showing ISIS brides attempting to hightail it through the notorious al-Hawl refugee camp after beginning a riot.

The camp that is sprawling that has been dubbed ‘Camp Caliphate’, homes around 68,000 jihadi brides and had been when home to Brit-born Shamima Begum.

Tensions in the camp have already been heightened since Donald Trump announced US troops would keep the location, paving just how for the attack that is turkish Wednesday.

Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) commander Mervan Qamishlo told CNN there was clearly “civil disobedience” into the camp on Friday, whenever prisoners razed tents and attacked guards with sticks.